Interesting links (at least I find them interesting :-))

MP3 I love music, and I love MP3's. I've already converted a lot of my CD into MP3 files. I have connected my PC to my stereo equipment so I can listen to my MP3 music downstairs as well as upstairs. I have over 2000 files at the moment. If you want to see a list of most of my MP3 files, click here.
Ericsson Nederland The Dutch Ericsson website
Computer Klub Coevorden This is the website of the local computer club... if you are interested in computers and live in the area of Coevorden, don't hesitate to become a member.
Coevorden The website of the city that I lived in.
Emmen I worked in Emmen, so have a look at their website too.
Winamp Winamp is definately the best MP3 player you can get at the moment. Download it.
ICQ If you are on the internet you should have ICQ... if you don't, download it now, you don't now what you are missing! It's a great opportunity to make new friends all over the world and of course keep in touch with all your other friends and family.
Up to Byte archive If you need a program, then first look at the software archive of Up-to-Byte, big chance you will find here what you need.
ICRT International Community Radio Taipei. I listened often to this radio station when I was in Taiwan. It's mostly in English, although they do speak chinese now and then.
Goedkoop bellen! Calling to other countries often and want to find out which provider is cheapest? Have a look here, excellent site.
CSC The company I'm currently working for.
The Star Most popular English newspaper in Malaysia
Garner International The company Katherine is working for.

Last update: 01-01-2013